"Feature on Lisa Lim's new album on WLRH this Saturday 6/15/2013. Tracks: Broken Promise Blues Denial Please, Please Don't Go Superstitious Mind "This is a very solid release. I like Lisa's restraint in not overdoing everything, both vocally and as a soloist. The production is large and serves as a good frame for her vocals. Nice work." - Dave Gallaher Talkin' the Blues with Microwave Dave Saturdays, 8-9pm WLRH 89.3 FM www.wlrh.org 256-895-9574 "

"Superstitious Mind" Official Music Video

Upcoming Performance Dates!

  • Nov 23
    House Concert accompanying Gaye Adegbalola,  Washington
  • Dec 4
    private event performing with The Misbehaver’s,  Jamestown
  • Dec 10
    Folk Club of Reston-Herndon with Gaye Adegbalola,  Herndon

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