"ROCK'N'ROLL IN MY SOUL The alternative to pop autotune|Spreading the word on unsigned talent Friday’s Five #14 June 7, 2013 Rudeina · Artists · Friday's Five Here’s this week’s top five… as always, in no particular older. Something special about this bunch though! Check it out! Lisa Lim – Superstitious Minds Lisa Lim brings suave bluesy bass lines and driving, mucky guitars to ‘Superstitious Minds’ – a commanding mix only conquered by her vocal – an intrepid dose of melody and rasp creating a sound that is genuinely rock’n’roll."

"Superstitious Mind" Official Music Video

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  • Oct 4
    First Friday Fredericksburg Museum with Gaye Adegbalola, 

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Lisa Lim: Crazy Feelin

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