Lisa Lim: A Class of Her Own

Fredericksburg, VA-- To make a mark in the music industry, you have to stand out; instead of following trends, conforming to molds, and parroting other artists (no matter how good they are or how legendary they may be), you have to blaze paths. On May 30th, Lisa Lim, guitar magazine columnist (Premier Guitar, Guitar Girl) and National Guitar Workshop faculty member, will release her self-titled sophomore album, and show you why she stands in a class all her own.

Try as you might, you can’t fit Lisa’s style into a box. Her release crosses many boundaries—blues, indie, modern rock, roots, pop, punk, country, and even contemporary Christian. “Superstitious Mind,” for example, is a blues track, but the rock crowd will no doubt embrace it with open ears. Cuts like “Let Go” seamlessly transcend the boundaries of rock and pop. The powerful lyrics, infused with the upbeat musical arrangement, create a positive, hopeful space—much needed in today’s hurting world. “Our River” is a true testament to Lisa’s versatility, touching the soils of roots, blues, country, and pop. The intro riff, hook, and melody set the perfect backdrop for Lisa’s soulful vocals. This track promises to soothe the cry of the weariest heart. Reflecting on the power of “Our River,” Lisa recounts, “That song is so dear and close to me, I cried the first time I laid that track. It really hit close to my heart. “

You’re probably curious to know why—and how—Lisa blurs so many lines. For starters, credit that to a journey of personal awareness and awakening, or as she puts it, “letting go, change, economic struggle, loss, love, growth, and renewal.” She wants every single one of her listeners to relate to each of the CD’s 12 tracks, which are intended to evoke a variety of emotions. If you want to cry, cry. If you feel like jumping for joy, jump. If you get the urge to drive down the highway, windows down, music cranked, embrace your full-throttled freedom. Listening to Lisa’s album lets you share her pain, her happiness, her setbacks, her victories, and her hope for the future.

Lisa’s artistic evolution is a mirror of her own personal journey, which has had a major impact on her embracing of many musical influences and styles, ranging from Beethoven, Jimmy Page, and Roy Buchanan to Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton, and Buddy Guy. It’s no surprise that her inspirations are as diverse as the genres her record crosses. While fans of artists like Sheryl Crow, Jack White, and Joe Bonamassa will definitely dig her sound, Lisa prides herself on not sounding like anybody. In addition to writing all the music and lyrics on her album—plus laying lead vocals and playing electric and acoustic guitar, as well as some distorted bass guitar and percussion—Lisa brought the following team of experts together to make her debut release memorable: Thomas Johansen (production, mixing); Andreas Holmstrom (bass guitar); Scott Rabino (drums); Tara Jacobs, Mary Shaver, and Pauline Anson Dross (harmony backup vocals); and Steve Fallone of Sterling Sound (mastering).

If you appreciate masterfully crafted music by artists with a passion for navigating the peaks and valleys of life, who genuinely care about connecting with their listeners on the realest of levels, do yourself a favor and pick up Lisa Lim’s self-titled release on May 30th, 2013. To learn more about Lisa, please visit For all media inquiries, please contact Laurena Marrone:

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